ff5 Original color recreation artwork by Marvel artist/inker Dick Ayers of this famous issue which featured the first cover app. of Doctor Doom. “Prisoners of Dr. Doom” first sold in a Christie’s auction in 1995 and is based on the classic 1962 Marvel by Jack Kirby. Hand colored by Richard Ayers. It’s signed by both artists and comes with a COA.
SIZE: 15” x 20”
PRICE: $3,500.00

Original unused cover artwork by artist Bob Layton for the “Recurring Knightmare” storyline. With Dr. Doom and two battling Iron Mans’ one can only guess why this fantastic version wasn’t used. Signed with a sketch added by artist Bob Layton.
SIZE: 11” x 17”
PRICE: $7,500.00

Original specialty artwork commission by artist Michael Lark. The monarch of Latveria strikes a menacing pose in this inked drawing on light board. Signed “Tremble before me, Steve!” by artist Michael Lark.
SIZE: 8.5” x 11”
PRICE: $325.00

Original comic pg. artwork by artist Jim Starlin from Marvel’s “Death Watch.” With the aid of the Thing and Spider-Man the Avengers battle Thanos and his hordes! Shades of “Avengers Endgame!” Inks by Joe Rubenstein.
SIZE: 11” x 17”

Original pencil art by artist Jim Steranko of Agent Nick Fury measuring a big 13” x 16” on 18” x 19” drawing paper. AGENT OF SHIELD was Marvel’s answer to the 1960’s spy craze. It debuted in June 1968 so this drawing dated ‘7/7/68’ is a prime period example. Signed by Jim Steranko.

Original color drawing by artist Dave Aikens of The First Avenger tossing SpongeBob Squarepants like a shield. Modeled after 1980’s Captain America #242 cover. Dave is known for his work on various Nickelodeon properties. Signed by artist Dave Aikens.
SIZE: 9” x 12”
PRICE: $225.00

Original inked commission artwork by artist Jackson Guice of The First Avenger holding a pistol and shield. Size is 11” x 17” on comic art board. Signed by artist Paul Gulacy.
PRICE: $1,400.00

Original cover artwork recreation by artist Doug Hazlewood of this classic issue which features a great shot of Sgt. Fury and floating heads of the Howling Commandos. First drawn by legendary artists Jack Kirby and Chic Stone in 1964. Signed by artist Doug Hazlewood.
SIZE: 11” x 17”
PRICE: $500.00

Original Marvel pre-hero splash page art by artist Don Heck from “My Nightmare Has No End” in which a bored alien traveler switches bodies with a sleeping human only to find he’s traded boredom for life in prison! Great Twilight Zone type tale. Pencils and inks by artist Don Heck.
SIZE: 14” x 22”

Original Marvel Silver Age cover artwork by legendary artist John Buscema best known for Silver Surfer and his run on this series. The Avengers square off against evil Typhon with Hercules making his last cover appearance until issue #99. Big John himself inked this cover, a bonus for the Buscema purist. Large art.
SIZE: 14″ x 18.”

Original pencil sketch art by famed Marvel artist Marie Severin of the “Incredible Bulk” vs. Venom. Bulk was the comedic version of the Hulk for the 1960’s Not Brand Echh series. 8.5” x 11” on sketch paper. Signed by artist Marie Severin.
PRICE: $850.00

Original cover art recreation by artist Rober Quijano of this classic issue which featured the premier of villain Kraven the Hunter. First drawn by legendary artist Steve Ditko in 1964. Large art which measures  15″ x 23.”
PRICE: $650.00

cameron-stewart-spider-man-cover-art-2006 Original cover artwork by artist Cameron Stewart. Frankenstein’s monster sends Spidey down for the count! Guest-starring Hawkeye. Both heroes will be featured in “Avengers 4” opening in May 2019. Inks by Cameron Stewart.
SIZE: 11” x 17”
PRICE: $2,300.00

Original page one art by artist Barry Windsor-Smith from “Shadow of the Vulture” showcasing Conan battling palace guards to gain an audience with a king. Although artists Chic Stone and Sal Buscema are listed as co-inkers, Dan Adkins is the sole delineator on this splash. Matted to an overall size of 15.5″ x 20.5.”
SIZE: image area 10″ x 15.”
PRICE: $60K.

Original art commission by fan-favorite artist Arthur Adams of the Women of X-Men. Rendered in 1993 this item features clockwise from upper right: Rogue, Storm, Jubilee, Psylocke, and Jean Gray. Image is 10″ x 15″ on a sturdy 14″ x 17″ board. Signed and dated by artist Arthur Adams.

Original Silver Age comic book pg. artwork by artist Sal Buscema from “Let the Game Begin.” One of Kang’s Growing Men kidnap a hospitalized Tony Stark but that move is interrupted by The Avengers! Nice sequence with a money shot of the team in the final panel. Inks by Sam Grainger. Due to Infinity War, Avengers artwork is hot!
SIZE: 11″ x 17″
PRICE: $4,200.00 

Original concept cover art by Silver Age artist Marie Severin. In the early 1970’s Severin was creating a plethora of covers for Marvel’s growing line of comics. She also created cover roughs for other artists to complete, including her brother John who did the final work for this cover. Measures 9″ x 11″ and signed on back by artist Marie Severin.
PRICE: $1,700.00

Original sketch art by Savage Dragon creator/artist Erik Larson of Spider-Man. This came from a cache of art accumulated by a fan in the 1990’s. ANY Larson art from this period is rare since much of it was lost in a CA. wildfire and Larson stopped doing con sketches as well. Drawn in blue pencil and ink with the image extending to all edges of the board. Signed by artist Erik Larson.
SIZE: 9″ x 12″

Original comic book artwork by artist Gary Barker of Hulk smashing The Man of Steel. Rendered on standard art board, published in Arena Magazine #3 published at the same time in 1992 that Barker did a fill-in issue of Hulk(#389). Barker is known as the chief assistant to artist Jim Davis on the famed comic strip Garfield. Inks by Tom Hickey.  Signed by both artists.
SIZE: 11″ x 17″
PRICE: $850.00

Original pin-up artwork of Avengers villain Red Guardian by artist Kieron Dwyer from Marvel Universe Handbook #10 Volume 2. These books were designed as guides to all the Marvel characters w/statistics like those found on the backs of baseball cards. Image measures 7″ x 13″ on 11″ x 17′ standard art board. Inks by Joe Rubenstein
PRICE: $1,500.00

Original comic book page art by famed Marvel artist Dave Cockrum. After its start in Avengers #132, the Kang War storyline continues here. Thor and Vision battle Wonder Man and Kang with the villains in full retreat. Action sequence with all four characters slugging it out.  Inks by Joe Giella.
SIZE” 11″ x 17″
PRICE: $3,500.00

Original comic book splash pg. artwork from a bonus story starring Shang Chi that was initially published in the U.S. Master of Kung Fu #32. Missing stat work and some glue staining but o/w the art is in nice shape. Pencils and inks by Dan Adkins.
SIZE: 11″ x 17″
PRICE: $1,500.00

Original comic book splash page by artist Giuseppe Camuncoli from “Danger Zone.” Overwhelmed and disoriented by his own spider sense, Peter Parker is kidnapped on a busy street by Hobgoblin who realizes he’s Spider-Man! Inks by Dan Green.
SIZE: 11″ x 17″

Original inked sketch artwork by artist Rick Stasi of the Amazing Spider-Man in both his black and traditional guises. Rick has a long history of credits at Marvel, DC, Charlton, NOW, and Lucas Films. Spidey’s black suit first appeared in ASM #252 in May of 1984. Figure measures 11″ x 11″ on a 11″ x 14″ sheet of thick sketch paper. Signed and dated by artist Rick Stasi.
PRICE: $350.00

Original comic book pg. artwork by popular artist John Romita Jr. from “Chasing a Dark Shadow.” Loki and Spider-Man form an alliance after the God of Mischief restores life to an innocent bystander in exchange for Spidey’s help. Scott Hanna Inks. Signed by artist John Romita Jr.
SIZE: 11” x 17”
PRICE: $1,350.00

conan-cover-art-issue-251Conan_251 Original cover artwork by artist Sandy Plunkett, from the 1991 Conan the Barbarian story “On the Wings of Demons.” Although a popular Marvel and DC artist, Plunkett’s covers seldom surface. This was his only cover done for the Conan series. Inks by P. Craig Russell. Logos on mylar overlay.
SIZE: 11” x 17”

Original inked sketch artwork by artist Ron Wilson of Max, a participant in underground boxing matches in a dystopian future. “Super Boxers” was published as a Marvel Graphic Novel in 1983. Figure measures 8″ x 12″ on a 11″ x 14″  heavy sketch paper. Signed by artist Ron Wilson.
PRICE: $250.00

Original art recreation by Chilean artist Carlos Valenzuela of this classic opening splash pg. originally drawn in 1966 by artists Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott. Large art measuring 16” x 23” and signed/dated on back by artist Carlos Valenzuela.
PRICE: $450.00

Original cover art by fan favorite artist Humberto Ramos featuring Ben Grimm about to deliver some wrestling-style “clobberin’ time” to the Merc with a Mouth. Pencils and inks by artist Humberto Ramos.
SIZE: 11” x 17”

Original Silver Age comic book page artwork by artist/creator Jack Kirby from the “Origin Retold” issue. Four panel action pg. which features the cvr. scene of an angry norse giant and Thunder God facing off. Panel #3 has a partial Marie Severin paste-over that covers Thor and Kirby’s original intent. Inks by Vince Colletta.
PRICE: $8,500.00

Double page original artwork by artist Rob Liefeld from a limited series that combined the Image and Marvel Universe. Villains capture Domino (Cable’s friend) as a way to draw Prophet and Cable into a confrontation. Nice shots of both heroes. Rob Liefeld pencils and inks. Signed by artist Rob Liefeld.
SIZE: 17″ x 22″
PRICE: $3,200.00

Original cover art recreation by artist Angel Gabriele of this classic issue which featured the first appearance of Spider-Man! First drawn by legendary artists Jack Kirby + Steve Ditko in 1962. Gabrielle adds a nice twist by substituting artist/creator Ditko as the person in tow. Signed by artist Angel Gabrielle.
SIZE: 11″ x 17″
PRICE: $500.00

Original pin-up artwork of Giant Man a/k/a Black Goliath by artist Ron Wilson  from Marvel Universe  Handbook #13 Volume 1. These issues were designed as descriptive guides to all the Marvel characters. Image measures 8″ x 13″ on standard comic art board. Inks by Joe Rubenstein.
PRICE: $1,500.00